Report to the Region

October - December 2023

Message from the Chair


On behalf of the Board and staff of Regional Development Australia (RDA) Logan & Redlands, our thoughts are with the residents and businesses of the Logan and Redlands Region as the ravages of flooding and fires again impact our beautiful environment.

Since the RDA released its strategic document Logan and Redlands : The Centre for Economic and Employment Growth in October 2020, Australia has seen unprecedented, concurrent impacts on its economic, social and natural environments. While the impact of some of these has lessened, the changing world has had and continues to have major impacts on the Logan and Redlands Region which demands attention be given to this often overlooked Region.

As I have recently discussed, during 2023 to 2024, the RDA Board’s priority is to take forward the Strategic Regional Plan Logan and Redlands: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Growth released in February 2023 . The detail of this work is being guided by the RDA’s 2023 to 2024 Business Plan as accepted by the Australian Government .

The Strategic Regional Plan notes:

Disaster Management

Regional approaches to disaster management are an integral part of the region’s economic development for the future. A proactive approach to flood mitigation, fire prevention and hazard reduction as well as major weather events is crucial to prevent the repetition of the widespread disasters seen in previous years.

Another wet weather event similar to March 2022 is inevitable at some point in the future, and we live in a land that is prone to bushfire. Now is the time to make the changes and protect residents against the potential loss of life, homes, valuables and income.

In pursuing its priority, the RDA Board’s focus is on longer-term (20+ years), strategic enabling issues. This reflects the RDA’s role is not to duplicate or compete on specific local initiatives, but rather to identify and advocate on behalf of the Logan and Redlands Region and the broader South East Queensland Region. This includes ensuring the identification of intended and unintended consequences of plans and decisions within and impacting the Logan and Redlands Region and more broadly.

The outcomes from the recently completed Australian Government review of the effectiveness of New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay Territory and Queensland RDA Committee boundaries have been released noting boundaries covered by RDA Logan and Redlands are unchanged. It is within this context the RDA will confidently continue pursuing taking forward the Strategic Regional Plan Logan and Redlands: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Growth.

If you wish to be part of this work, please contact our Director Steve McDonald at drd@rdaloganandredlands.org.au for further information.

For further information on the RDA, go to rdaloganandredlands.org.au. Information on Board members is available here.

The Hon. Gary Hardgrave
Regional Development Australia Logan & Redlands Inc

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