Anne Livingstone


Anne Livingstone

Anne Livingstone has been the Projects and Development Lead for Global Community Resourcing since 2010. Global Community Resourcing is an award-winning Australian-based internationally focused company aimed at promoting and enhancing global innovation in the community health and care sectors. In this role, Ms Livingstone is responsible for managing international and national projects, research and business activities.

Ms Livingstone has over 35 years’ experience in the primary health care and community service sector, particularly focused in community-based care. She worked early in her career directly in areas of service management, service development, policy reform and research. Her former role was with a state peak industry association during which time she established the State Community Care Unit for the association and held a number of national industry representation roles.

Ms Livingstone is currently involved in a number of activities focused on the promotion of innovation and new emerging technologies in community care, including being Chair of the Queensland Government-funded Community Care Smart Assistive Technologies Collaborative Expert Reference Group; Chair of the Australian International Congress of Smart Homes and Telematics Organising Committee; and Chair of the National Home Care Group of the Aged Care Industry IT Council. Her qualifications include the areas of business, psychology, quality, and project management.