Report to the Region

April - June 2023

Message from the Chair


Logan and Redlands: The Centre of Economic and Employment Growth for Queensland released by RDA Logan & Redlands (the RDA) in October 2020 captured the then key issues and areas of focus for the Region. Throughout 2022 the RDA reviewed this document to reflect current and emerging opportunities with the intention of challenging the thinking around planning for the Region.

This has been driven through our substantial communications strategy with the RDA regularly meeting with key stakeholders from within the Logan and Redlands Region and from adjacent regions.

The RDA directly hears about the challenges and opportunities facing the Logan and Redlands and broader Region as it continues its pursuit of economic development, social cohesion and environment sustainability goals which enabled the RDA to plan for and conduct its To 2042 and Beyond : Investing in SEQ Summit in September 2022.

Drawing together the outcomes from the above work, the Strategic Regional Plan (the SRP) Logan and Redlands: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Growth was released in February 2023 reflecting the need for cohesive, co-ordinated and long-term strategic regional planning. The SRP lays out the long-term, broad goals to be achieved as the Region pursues its economic, social and environmental goals.

The tactical planning has been documented through the raising of the RDA’s 2023 to 2024 Business Plan (the Plan) which includes the short-term steps and actions to be taken to achieve the goals from the SRP. This Plan will be made publicly available once cleared for release.

The four identified themes from the September 2022 To 2042 and Beyond : Investing in SEQ Summit, captured in the SRP, are:

  • Infrastructure – Economic
  • Infrastructure – Social
  • Education, Skills and the Labour Market
  • Leveraging opportunities including amenities.

The alignment of these themes with the Australian Government’s Regional Investment Framework focus areas and key regional priorities gives confidence the underpinning strategy is sound.

This 2023 to 2024 Business Plan commenced from 1 July 2023 and initially includes setting up thematic groups and areas of focus along with outcome statements for the period 1 July to 30 September 2023.

The first major review of the Plan will be undertaken by 1 October 2023 based on inputs which will have produced project plans for execution and include actions and key performance indicators. The second major review of the Plan will be undertaken by 1 February 2024 and substantially review progress against project plan actions and key performance indicators. In May 2024 the first draft report on outcomes will be developed.

If you wish to be part of this work, please contact our Director Steve McDonald at drd@rdaloganandredlands.org.au for further information.

For further information on the RDA, go to rdaloganandredlands.org.au. Information on Board members is available here.

The Hon. Gary Hardgrave
Regional Development Australia Logan & Redlands Inc

2023-24 Budget Highlights
RDA Revitalisation - Charter Review
RDA Revitalisation - Boundaries Review
Inland Rail - Kagaru to Acacia Ridge & Bromelton (K2ARB)
Building Partnerships
Joint South East Queensland Regional Development Activity
Update on Australian Government Policies & Programs Management
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