Cindy Corrie


Cindy Corrie

Cindy is an award winning advocate in the areas of disability, education and economic development. She is highly regarded for her work as Founder of The Sycamore School – Queensland’s first full-time school for children with autism which opened in 2017. With close to 100 students and alumni now learning and working independently in the local community, the school has delivered incredible outcomes for its students. The organisation also opened an NDIS service ‘The Empowering Hive’ providing wrap-around support and positive impacts for children with disabilities, families, care networks and the wider community.

Cindy has been a champion for sustainable economic development for Redland City for a number of years. She led a local economic development initiative Champion Redlands Coast which was a cornerstone initiative of the Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce where Cindy volunteered as a Vice President and President over a three year period. The strength of this initiative comes from its ability to bring all levels of government, industry and the community together towards a shared vision for the city. Cindy’s work on Champion Redlands Coast was nationally recognised as a finalist in the 2022 National Economic Development Awards – Economic Development through partnership and collaboration.

Cindy is a Communications and Engagement consultant in her local business Good Human Strategies. Cindy has supported a range of clients from small community organisations, to national non-profits and state governments in leveraging effective communication to strengthen their communities.

Cindy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from University of Queensland, and a Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies from Griffith University.