Report to the Region

April - June 2021

Message from the Chair

Gary Hardgrave


After a period of apprehension there is now excitement across the Logan and Redlands Region. Despite the impacts of COVID-19, which are not to be underrated and which tested the resilience of the Region’s business and broader communities, we find ourselves with opportunities. The excitement reflects the desire to move on to better times building on the lessons learned from COVID-19.

These lessons are not just about what we need to do but penetrate the way we go forward. The unity of the Region’s communities over the recent past should be vigorously held onto.

The region has substantial economic opportunity in the areas of Health Care and Social Assistance; Advanced Manufacturing; Infrastructure; Transport, Logistics and Warehousing; Education and Training; Professional Services; Tourism; and Research. The opportunity exists to translate this capacity into sustainable economic growth for the Region.

The estimated number of participants from with the Region in the National Disability Insurance Scheme is projected to increase from 4,300 to 9,900. The workforce to cater to the needs of these participants is projected to increase from 1,110-1,350 to 3,200-3,900.

As one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, the South East Queensland (SEQ) Region is experiencing significant change. In the period to 2041, the region is expected to accommodate an additional 1.9 million residents and almost 800,000 new homes.

The region is also expecting to support one million new jobs. It is at the heart of growth with transport, logistics, light manufacturing and suburban expansion in South East Queensland. The SEQ City Deal Statement of Intent between the Commonwealth of Australia, the State of Queensland and the SEQ Council of Mayors provides an agreement between the three levels of government to work together to design and implement a City Deal for South East Queensland.

The Olympic Games could have a positive impact on job creation, supporting around 130,000 direct jobs. In addition to direct jobs, there will be tens of thousands of indirect jobs supported by the Games including over 10,000 tourism induced jobs in the Games year alone.

The planned Inland Rail is an opportunity to better leverage the Region’s aspiration to be the centre of economic growth and employment opportunities in Australia.

As we enter this exciting period, I would like to acknowledged the departure of Chiou See Anderson, Ross Elliott, Patrick Forbes and David Radich from the Committee, welcome Terri Cooper, Cr Jacob Heremaia and Shane Rendalls to the Committee and thank Kim Kerwin, Anne Livingstone, Dr Douglas Hunt and John Perry OAM for their commitment to continuing as Members of the Committee.

Discussed below is the background to your RDA’s planning for our future and our role in ensuring the corporate objective of the RDA is achieved, i.e.:Ensure the Region will be at the centre of economic and employment growth for South East Queensland, statewide Queensland and Australia wide.

There is still much to be done and, as always, I encourage all in the community to contact me or our Director Steve McDonald to discuss topics of interest.

If there is any information you wish to draw to the attention of the RDA in relation to the above, please send it to admin@rdaloganandredlands.org.au.

For further information on the RDA, go to https://rdaloganandredlands.org.au/.


The Hon. Gary Hardgrave
Regional Development Australia Logan & Redlands

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