Redlands hygiene innovation: The 'foot pump station' from Shine Precision Industries

Foot Pump MainCleveland-based business Shine Precision Industries has started manufacturing an innovative 'foot pump station' that allows for hands-free hand sanitiser pumping and fits any size bottle of hand sanitiser.

This fabulous, innovative and easy-to-use product combines functionality, aesthetics, adaptability and health benefits.

The unit is stainless steel and portable, and does not need bolting to the floor. And because the mechanism is mechanical, it does not require batteries, and can be adjusted to suit any size bottle.

The product can be adapted to suit any requirement including use in schools for sunscreen. It is also available in a version that bolts onto walls as a more permanent feature. This is an idea that should survive the COVID-19.

For further information contact Shine Precision Industries by email or call 07 3488 2006