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Can all your workers read and write well enough to thrive? The Reading Writing Hotline can help

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Workplace literacy is important for every business.

Business success starts with a workforce that's equipped and ready to learn and the foundation is better reading, writing and literacy skills. This leads to improved documentation, less errors, waste and problems with safety as well as improved compliance, teamwork and communication.

The Reading Writing Hotline helps employers find literacy and communication training geared to their business needs. Funded by the Australian Government's Department of Education and Training, the service provides free, trusted advice.

Literacy training can be delivered via in-house groups, off-site or one-on-one. It can focus on reading, writing and numeracy skills, or it can be embedded in other skills training.

With a national database of providers, you can speak to a knowledgeable advisor today to discuss literacy and numeracy training for your business. We have a national database of providers.

Call 1300 6 555 06.