Our Inaugural Pitch Perfect People Choice Award Winner Sally from Sal's Art Creations has been growing her business since attending our Business Idea Bootcamp in April.

Message from Bootcamper, Sally //

I have seen a lot of my continued entrepreneurial development and business concept progression which has followed from attending RDA's April two part Bootcamp events. The networking opportunity and abundant energy of knowledge sharing amongst fellow attendees provided me with the 'get up and go' in continuing to pursue a reality to my dream as an indigenous artist. 

Winning 'People's Choice' in the Business Bootcamp Part Two 'Pitch Perfect' event illuminated my personal growth. As a full time mother and university student who is majority of the time at home, this award has boosted my confidence in public speaking and venturing out more; having knocked out the initial fear I had developed to share my concept with people. Now, I embrace the sharing opportunity and have achieved so much in the way of business development and network support.

I've applied for my trademark directly following the Bootcamp, I've dedicated 'me time' to attending more seminars on Entrepreneurship in conjunction with Griffith University and have made a small but crucial investment in equipment for production. My social impact strategy to help children aged 0-4 years in partnership with my business was established also, following core topic discussion by guest speakers at Part One of the Business Bootcamp. With this, there has been positive feedback and interest from State Government Departments through communication and I look forward to providing further updates in the future. I am delighted to be currently undertaking an artistic project for a company in the region which is a fantastic introduction to exhibiting my art in weeks to come and hope to share with you once the project is complete! 

Overall, I am more determined and excited to strive in building upon the strong foundation that has been created for my future in business from the Bootcamp event.

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