On Monday 11 April 2016, RDA Logan & Redlands held the inaugural Business Idea Bootcamp at Griffith University Logan Campus. This event brought together a range of economic and innovation experts and practitioners, event partners included; Griffith University, Logan Office of Economic Development, McCullough Robertson, Impact Academy, Australia Institute of Commercialisation, Department of State Development, City of Logan Social Enterprise, Bendigo Bank, Innovate Queensland and Greater Brisbane Small Business Advisory Service.

The event was aimed at Not-For-Profit organisations, small business owners/start-ups and people with a great idea they want to turn into a business opportunity. Over 50 people attended with ideas ranging from diverse sectors including art, music, engineering, tourism, marine, food production and recycling.

This one-day interactive event helped people develop and test their business ideas. Industry experts shared skills and tools to assist them to formulate a compelling business case that would attract partners and investors. Everyone left the Bootcamp knowing what their next step was and who could help get them there.

The Hon Leeanne Enoch MP Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business welcomed participants to the Business Idea Bootcamp and discussed with attendees how vital innovation is in today's economy.

Attendees agreed it was a great success:

  • "The Business Idea Bootcamp will help you refine your current business idea and have your brain popping with new ideas."
  • "Brilliant speakers, relevant topics and content, great networking - very worthwhile day packed into 7 hours ... and it was free!."
  • "It was awesome overall in every way. I now know where I'm going. Next step & beyond. Made some phenomenal connections and expanded my networking immeasurably. Informative 120%. Food was great too. All speakers were awesome."
  • "An invaluable service to Small Business and towards the growth of the Australian economy."
  • "I left the Business Idea Bootcamp with a definite outline moving forward with my business, I knew exactly what my first step was. I was excited to find that I was on the right track and that there were people there genuinely interested in what I had to offer. The mentors at the event were fantastic, very knowledgeable and approachable. Overall a great day."
  • "The Bootcamp gave me ideas on who to speak to, to get assistance. It also focussed me a little more developing my pitch."


Click here to watch RDA Logan & Redlands YouTube video of the Inaugural Business Idea Bootcamp.


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Photograph left to right: RDA Logan & Redlands Chair, Robert Hannaford, The Hon Leeanne Enoch MP

Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business,

RDA Logan & Redlands CEO, Mariae Leckie and RDA Logan & Redlands Treasurer, David Gardner.