Logan and Redlands Map

The Logan and Redlands region encompasses the local government areas of Logan City and Redland City. Currently the combined population of the region is approximately 410,000, which is expected to grow by around 50% over the next 20 years.

Home to one in ten Queenslanders, the Logan and Redlands region is strategically located in South East Queensland between the major centres of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The national highway system and rail network provides access for workers and consumers travelling to these centres.

Logan City has a strong, vibrant multicultural community celebrating 185 diffferent cultures. It has a young workforce with around 50% of residents aged 30 years or younger. Lifestyle options range from bushland acreage and leafy suburbs to high-density living. Thriving light industrial precincts, major shopping and business precincts sit together with two new planned major urban areas - Flagstone and Yarrabilba.

Redland City's western boundary adjoins Logan City, approximately 26 kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD, and is a gateway to the marine environment of Moreton Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Redland City has significant natural environment assets and major tracts of native vegetation - a source of local amenity, a growing tourism industry and critical wildlife habitats and corridors for adjacent regions. Redland City is a growing residential and holiday area, containing substantial residential, rural, coastal, island, conservation and parkland areas together with pockets of industrial and commercial land use.

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